Perfect Solutions Investment Holdings is headed up by founder and CEO Darren Barnes, who at the tender age of 19 started the agency back in 2008.Over the past decade Perfect Solutions has expanded into Africa featuring five subsidiary companies that expands our offerings to global needs.

Currently Perfect Solutions operates on the four fundamental pillars of Entrepreneurship, SMME’s, Businesses and Brands offering freelancers and small businesses throughout Africa the opportunity to work or partner with us. At the same time, we encourage them to empower themselves to open their own businesses as we share our knowledge and experience with them. Our list includes choreographers, print, designers, media experts to name a few. Within the business there are intrapreneurs in innovation and business development and they are bound to grow the company even more throughout the continent.

In 2017, the need arose to expand into Central East Africa and Perfect Solutions branched into five subsidiaries across Central East Africa. With more than a decade of service delivery, we believe we can identify with the cultural diversity in Africa. We know how to tell your story, offering our clients exceptional skills combined with creativity, enthusiasm and trustworthiness at competitive rates.

Perfect Solutions is truly a ‘new generation’ driven marketing solution generator– we young, vibrant, creative and driven by an entrepreneurial passion to deliver exciting, never seen before, concepts that WOW clients.The five subsidiaries include:

Perfect Solutions Events and Promotions PTY LTD registration number: 2013/057375/07 was established in 2008 as a through-the-line marketing agency. The agency boasts 12 years of success of bringing brands and consumers together through innovative concepts, underpinned by a 360-degree approach to delivering marketing services to clients. Most of our clients are global brands. As a preferred service provider, throughout Africa, the agency develops and delivers, creative and innovative concepts using a team of creative thinkers, combined with exceptional project management teams. Research and analytics are critical to the development of any brand or campaign. The agency places high value on conducting research to establish valuable relationships with the target audience in the most creative manner.

is a fully-fledged digital media agency committed to telling compelling stories through strong imagery and video content. Founder, Ricardo De Leça , is a product of the Perfect Solutions Entrepreneurship Development Program and has successfully grown a media agency to service clients ranging from small and medium sized businesses and events to large international brands. Through the partnership with Perfect Solutions, De Leça Media can bring greater value to its client through the extended brand activation services.

is an integrated marketing communications agency which was established to cater to the needs of the Islands in the African market. The company operates independently under the Perfect Solutions Investment Holdings umbrella using company subsidiaries as well as local entrepreneurs, SMME’s, people and businesses to provide top end services to promote global brands on the islands.

believes in transferring expert project management skills to build in-house capacity of organisations. Project management training and development are offered as additional services to clients’ that need to enhance their project teams. Project management workshops are designed to capacitate project teams with project management fundamentals.

works in collaboration with various specialists to develop and integrate software applications with a focus on apps that deliver market research and data analytics. The team develops innovative systems and platforms that provide real-time data and interaction.

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